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The monsoon season in Arizona usually begins in June and lasts through September. According to the National Weather Service, monsoon season starts when temperatures reach 55 degrees and above (the dew point) over three consecutive days. At that temperature, water vapor begins to form clouds.

Typically, Arizona’s monsoon season runs from June 15 through September 30. During this time, higher humidity levels can bring heavy rain and thunderstorms, which can produce flash flooding and dust storms. Arizona travelers are advised to plan ahead for this unpredictable weather. The State Department of Transportation encourages drivers to check road conditions and use caution when driving.

The monsoon occurs when high pressure shifts northward into the Southern Rockies and the Southern Plains, allowing mid and upper level moisture to move northward. The combination of low, mid and upper level moisture is what brings on the real monsoon season. Forecasters are aware of the weather conditions and forecasters watch for them.

During the monsoon, Arizona weather is more unpredictable than it is in other states. Thunderstorms, hail, and lightning are common and can lead to flash floods spicecinemas.


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