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Mobile Movies is a social enterprise that produces short films with educational content. The idea behind the program is to bring the movies to rural areas. They screen educational shorts and train agents from the communities to collect audience gjcollegebihta feedback. These agents use specially designed mobile devices and software developed by Microsoft to collect data from participants. They store the data on microSD cards.

With mobile movie apps, you can choose from a variety of movies. You can buy or rent them, depending on your budget. The most recent titles can be found for around $4. It’s also possible to rent older titles, which tend to be less expensive. If you want to save money, you can also transfer your purchased movies to your phone using RealPlayer.

Another popular service is, which offers anxnr movies in various formats, including 3GP and MP4. You can choose from a variety of films to watch, and you can choose the resolution you prefer. You can also read important details about the movie while downloading it. This website also has an easy-to-use interface.

Both mSpot and Netflix offer a similar service, but mSpot has one important advantage: it beat Netflix to the market. mSpot has been around for years, so they have experience in making mobile movies compatible with various devices.