How to Quickly and Affordably Update the Interior Without Repair? Top 5 Ideas

When the soul craves a change, and there is no time and money to paste up the wallpaper and change furniture, decor comes to the rescue. Even without the most minimal repairs to refresh the interior will help textiles, paintings, lighting, and other budgetary little things.

The owners of minimalist interiors in pastel colors are as lucky as those who hit a jackpot at with the help of properly selected decorations they can not just update the appearance of the room but completely change its style.

Here is how to breathe life into an overworked renovation quickly and on a budget.  if you choose linen bedding, you can be sure that it will last a long time before you need a new one.

Throw Plaids and Cushions on the Couch

Without accents, any interior will look flat and boring. Variety in the living room can be achieved with plaids and pillows: they can stand out as a color or pattern, as well as the texture of the material.

Important: when choosing textiles for the sofa and armchairs, take into account the background. If the room already has a motley carpet or wallpaper with a pattern, then the cushions and blankets should choose a solid color. If the background is neutral, then on it the decor with patterns and textured fabrics will look advantageous.

Make the Bed Like in a Fashion Magazine

To make the bedroom look neat and aesthetically pleasing, you can add a bedspread made of thick fabric. In terms of color, it’s better to choose it in the same range as the curtains, carpet and decorative pillowcases.

The bedspread can be both monochrome and with a pattern. Often interior designers choose textured fabric, such as velvet, as well as quilted or embossed fabric blankets. In some interior styles (hygge, Finnish eclectic) you can even put a skin on the bed.

Add Spot Lighting

Warm light from small lights, garland or candles will make the home environment warmer and more intimate. These devices are inexpensive and use little electricity (candles don’t use electricity at all), but they significantly transform the space. For example, a garland gives a sense of celebration, and candles give an atmosphere of togetherness and coziness.

In the United States, for example, it isn’t customary to use chandeliers in the bedroom. If the room isn’t combined with a study, then there is rather a floor lamp, night lamps, sconces and recessed lighting. Thus the light is diffused, immersing the bedroom in semi-darkness and setting the owners of the house for rest and a healthy sleep.

Change the Bedding

Despite the fact that the bedding is not always visible from under the bedspread, it plays an important role in the interior. Firstly, it affects how exactly the owners of the house perceive the environment in the bedroom. Secondly, its quality and design determines a healthy sleep.

If all your life you’ve been using only monochrome linens, try something new. Sets with watercolor paintings in natural motifs can become an accent in the bedroom, and textured sets of dense cotton, reminiscent of linen, will refresh the interior.

Hang Abstract Paintings on the Walls

Paintings are used in many interior styles: from baroque to boho. They can become both an accent, attracting the attention of guests, and a modest addition to the design. But the main thing is that they make the look of the room complete.

Abstract paintings with large geometric figures are often used in classical interiors, in the Scandi and minimalist styles. Such images, placed in a frame of neutral color, don’t draw attention to themselves, while they can set off the accent colors and patterns used in the interior.