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A group of parents and students recently brought zip ties to an Arizona school principal’s office and threatened her with handcuffs. They had been upset about a policy that required students to wear masks and quarantine themselves. Principal Diane Vargo listened to their concerns and invited them into her office.

The men allegedly did not want to leave until law enforcement arrived. The woman was not hurt in the incident. Authorities are trying to determine whether to file charges against the men. The parents were not identified, but one of the dissidents owns a coffee shop in Tucson.

The men allegedly threatened the principal with zip ties after arguing about the school’s COVID-19 rules. The men were later arrested and charged with trespassing. One of the men was the father of a COVID-19-infected student.

The incident was caught on video. In it, one man threatened to use zip ties and showed zip ties. Initially, Vargo tried to diffuse the situation by asking the group to leave the school grounds. He then called the Tucson Police Department, which said no one was injured during the incident.


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