A Guide to Hiring Painting Contractors in Dublin, Ohio

Dublin is a quaint, charming city in Ohio, home to over forty-nine thousand people. With a suburban feel and attractions like the famous Jack Nicklaus’ Country Club, the scenic city is among the safest and most beautiful ones to live in Ohio. Also, over seventy percent of the residents own their homes, making their life all the more fulfilling.

Invariably, many seek exceptional painters Dublin to work various paint jobs in and around the house. Even commercial building owners in the city invest in professional painting services to ensure their structures are attractive and in top condition.

Those new to the city or looking for these professional services for the first time will find the following tips to find a reliable expert.

Check license and experience

A valid license and sound experience are among the most crucial factors when looking for an excellent painting contractor in Dublin. Although there is no state-level registration requirement in the region, professionals must obtain them locally. Also, they must inform the Ohio EPA if they generate any hazardous waste during the job. Moreover, a licensed painter will be more likely to do an excellent job on your home or business because they have undergone training that covers all aspects of the trade.

Furthermore, employing a Dublin professional with at least a decade or more of industry experience is advisable, as they will do a much better job on your property. They will have worked on different-style residential buildings in the city, such as townhouses, independent units, condos, and more, making it effortless for them to work on your home.

Consider reputation

It is crucial to consider the reputation of the local company you wish to hire for your commercial or residential paint jobs, as it will tell you about their competency. You can browse their customer reviews online and on their official websites, scanning for past clients who have positive things to say about them.

Also, detailed reviews will let you know if someone has already availed of the type of services from them that you seek, allowing you to gauge how efficient they have been. You can also check pictures of their work on their website to understand better if hiring them is worth it.

What services do they offer?

Besides the fact that the owner-occupied housing rate is around 77% in Dublin, over 89% of the residents live in the same house for more than a year. In short, it means few people buy or lease new homes in the city, making it essential for them to seek professional painting services after a while.

So, look for a company that offers top-quality services, offering free quotes within three days of you contacting them. Reputable companies also offer commercial painting services, serving every business, from medical offices and universities to state and federal structures. Some Dublin companies also offer finance options, allowing clients who qualify to get their services first and pay later.

Extra services

Professional painters in Dublin, Ohio, will also provide you with other services besides indoor and outdoor paint jobs. For instance, they can do popcorn ceiling removal, caulking, staining decking, and painting staircases and railings, to name a few.

Many also undertake wallpaper removal and power washing, making the surfaces smooth with high-end techniques that homeowners in the city cannot. Finally, they serve more than one location, typically extending to other prominent regions like Delaware, Johnstown, Columbus, Westerville, Amlin, Powell, etc.