BBQs 2u Offer Innovative Variants of Gozney Ovens and Accessories

BBQs 2u have been established in 2002 with an ambition to provide the world’s best BBQs and pizza ovens of well-known brands like Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt, Gozney, and Ooni.

You can either choose to shop online or pick your preferred product from their in-store shop at Abersoch, mainland UK. BBQs 2u offer various seasonal discounts and gifts on it products and accessories.

BBQs 2u rigorously carry out tests of each product before adding it to their online and in-store inventory list. Recently, they have introduced pizza ovens and related accessories produced by Gozney.

Gozney has been manufacturing world’s most innovative pizza ovens endowed with versatile design and advanced technologies. Gozney Roccbox and Dome pizza ovens are two classic variants on BBQs 2u inventory.

BBQs 2u offer different sizes, styles, and colours of Gozney ovens. Gozney Dome Pizza Oven – Bone is a professional grade outdoor pizza oven having the colour of bleached bone.

BBQs 2u sells the Gozney Dome pizza oven at a price of £1,799.00 which includes dome oven, detachable flue cap, dock and accessory port, digital thermometer, display unit, batteries, two temperature probes, vent, and ashtray.

Gozney Dome pizza oven externally measures 660mm high, 732mm wide and 630mm deep. Also, the mouth of the oven is 120mm tall and 410mm wide. Gozney Dome ovens are engineered to work efficiently for beginners and chefs with wood-fired and dual fuel variants.

You can smoke, steam, roast, or bake with Gozney Dome ovens as it facilitates cooking at high temperature as well as low and slow.

The dual fuel model has the convenience of both, gas and wood, fuel types. Hence, you can easily switch between fuel types with a dial to reach a temperature of 500°C.

The digital thermometer and 2 in-built temperature probes helps you to get the precise cooking temperature and indicates the readiness of your steak.

BBQs 2u also provides free delivery within England, Wales, and Lower Scotland along with this package. Gozney Dome oven has double-layer stone floor of 30mm and thick cavity insulation to provide better heat retention.

It also features an advanced air ventilation to regulate the airflow under your wood-fire and control the output heat throughout the cooking process.

Also, there is a quick-connect accessory port to insert any range of accessories into the dock. The outer dome surface is protected by the ceramic bonded outer coating GozneyShield™ for more durability, water resistant and UV stability.

You can also buy additional accessories like dome mantel at £130.00, dome stand at £289.00, dome door at £99.00, and much more.

The Steam injector is available at a price of £30.00 and is used to inject right amount of water into the dome oven to create more moisture for crispier crusts.

BBQs 2u has a customer service review of 5-star and ensures full validity of your product warranty. They also provide after-sale customer support and various recipes for their customers.

Hence, buying Gozney Pizza Ovens from BBQs 2u gives peace of your mind and better idea about your product usability.

Gozney ovens are equipped with unified design and advanced technologies to help you cook like a pro.

BBQs 2u also provide loyalty points on your every purchase, which you can redeem on your next purchase.