The Best Street Foods to Try in Mumbai: A Gastronomic Tour

Mumbai, the bustling financial capital of India, is a city that never sleeps. But what really keeps it awake and lively are the myriad street food stalls that line its busy streets and crowded corners. From the tangy bhel poori to the spicy vada pav, Mumbai’s street food is as diverse as the city itself. If you’re planning a trip to this vibrant metropolis, make sure you don’t miss out on these culinary delights. Here’s a gastronomic tour of the best street foods to try in Mumbai and where to find them.

Bhel Poori

Where to Find: Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach
Bhel poori is a delightful mix of puffed rice, vegetables, and tangy tamarind sauce. This light and flavorful dish is perfect for a beachside snack. Head to Chowpatty or Juhu Beach, where you’ll find vendors mixing up this delicious concoction in large steel bowls.

Vada Pav

Where to Find: Anand Stall, Ville Parle
Often referred to as the “Indian Burger,” vada pav consists of a spicy potato fritter (vada) sandwiched between a bun (pav). Anand Stall in Ville Parle is famous for its vada pav, which comes with an assortment of chutneys and fried green chilies.

Pani Puri

Where to Find: Elco Pani Puri Centre, Bandra
Pani puri, also known as golgappa, is a popular snack consisting of a hollow, crispy puri filled with spicy, tangy water, tamarind chutney, and potato stuffing. Elco Pani Puri Centre in Bandra is a must-visit for this mouthwatering treat.

Pav Bhaji

Where to Find: Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo
Pav bhaji is a hearty dish made of mashed vegetables cooked in spices, served with buttered pav. Sardar Pav Bhaji in Tardeo is renowned for its rich, buttery pav bhaji that will leave you craving for more.

Kebabs and Rolls

Where to Find: Bademiya, Colaba
For meat lovers, Bademiya in Colaba offers a variety of kebabs and rolls. The succulent meat is marinated in spices and grilled to perfection. Don’t miss their signature mutton seekh kebab.


Where to Find: Ayyappan Idli Stall, Matunga
If you’re in the mood for South Indian cuisine, head to Ayyappan Idli Stall in Matunga. Their dosas—crispy, fermented crepes made from rice batter—are served with coconut chutney and sambar, a spicy lentil soup.


Where to Find: Badshah Cold Drinks, Crawford Market
End your gastronomic journey with a glass of falooda, a cold dessert made of rose syrup, vermicelli, and basil seeds, topped with a scoop of ice cream. Badshah Cold Drinks at Crawford Market is the place to go for this sweet indulgence.


Mumbai’s street food is a feast for the senses, offering a variety of flavors, textures, and aromas that encapsulate the city’s diverse culture. If you’re an Israeli citizen planning to explore the culinary wonders of Mumbai, don’t forget to secure your e-visa to India through, a trusted platform specializing in issuing e-visas to India for Israelis. With your visa worries sorted, all that’s left is to dive into the delicious world of Mumbai’s street food.

Bon Appétit!