Tips to Help You Soothe the Pain of Breastfeeding

There are so many wonderful benefits to breastfeeding your baby. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to establish a special bond with your baby and provide him with essential antibodies and vitamins right from the start. However, for most new moms, it comes with its challenges too. If you are one of the many women who have found that breastfeeding is slightly more painful than you anticipated, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help ease the pain of breastfeeding, so that you can concentrate on establishing that special bond with your little one instead.

Make sure you’re comfortable.

Breastfeeding is a very natural process and many women find it quite pleasurable. However, if you’re not comfortable, it could make the whole experience much more painful than it needs to be. If you’re not comfortable, you’re more likely to tense up and be in more pain. Make sure you have a comfy chair to sit in and make sure you have the right support for your breast – you might need a pillow, or to position your baby slightly differently.

Use a lanolin-based cream.

If you are experiencing any soreness or cracked nipples, using a lanolin-based cream can help to ease the pain. Lanolin is a natural substance found in sheep’s wool, and it helps to soothe and protect the skin. You can buy lanolin creams from any drugstore or online. Be sure to avoid applying any creams that contain petroleum jelly, as this will clog your pores and may cause an infection. Instead, choose a lanolin-based product and be sure to gently massage it into your nipples before breastfeeding to help protect them from any friction.

Try a breastfeeding pillow.

Breastfeeding pillows are specially designed to support your baby while breastfeeding, and they can help to relieve some of the pressure on your back and arms. Plus, they can help to make breastfeeding a more comfortable experience for you, too. You might find that certain breastfeeding positions for babies are more comfortable than others. For example, you might prefer to feed your baby while lying on your side, as opposed to sitting upright. You might also find that certain breastfeeding positions are more painful. For example, feeding your baby while sitting upright might put more pressure on your breasts. By experimenting with different breastfeeding positions for babies and breastfeeding pillows, you can find the position that is most comfortable for you and your baby.

Go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful thing, but you don’t want to spend all your time indoors breastfeeding problem. Instead, get outside and get some fresh air whenever you can. Breastfeeding will help you lose your baby weight, but you can’t do that if you’re stuck indoors all day. Breastfeeding will help you burn calories, but you can’t get enough breast milk if you’re not drinking enough water. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water when breastfeeding, and try to get outside whenever you can get away with it. Fresh air and exercise will help you feel less stressed and aid your milk flow.

Don’t forget the iced coffee.

Iced coffee is a great lactation aid. It contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which are found in breast milk. You can make your own iced coffee (with some added milk and sugar, of course), or you can buy ready-made iced coffee supplements. They’re an easy and effective way to increase your breast milk volume and are completely safe to take while breastfeeding. For best results, drink at least 4 cups of iced coffee per day.