What is Fashion and Style?

There are two types of style: ethnic style and western style. Ethnic style focuses on items of clothing that reflect a particular newsurl culture. It can be your own heritage or the culture of another country. Examples of ethnic style include the tunics and Afghan coats that are popular around the world, Mexican peasant tops and kaftans, and Japanese kimonos. Unlike western style, ethnic style does not rely on bright, vibrant colors, but on classic newsglo designs and neutral colors.

Fashion and style are often confused. While fashion is a temporary trend and can change with the seasons, style is more personal and distinctive. Many people can remember their teenage pseudo years when their style was all about name brand clothing. The 1990s were the decade of fashion and name brand clothing. While that style is still recognizable, the style of today is much more contemporary.

While some would savetoby argue that fashion and style are one and the same, others would argue that they are different. The distinction between fashion and style can be ambiguous, but it is essential to understand their relationship. Style is defined by your personal style, while fashion is webvan defined by your personal tastes and preferences.