What Types of Doctors Can an Online Doctor Prescribe?

Whether you live in an area where there isn’t a medical provider nearby or don’t have access to transportation, getting a new prescription online can be helpful.

However, it’s important to understand that a few types of drugs are prohibited from being written by online doctor because they’re controlled substances. These include pain relievers, antidepressants and some anti-anxiety medications.


If you’ve been struggling with mental health symptoms, your primary care physician or therapist may recommend seeing a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists have medical degrees and extensive training in mental health, and can prescribe medication and support you through therapy.

Online psychiatry services have made it possible for people to get the care they need without having to travel for an appointment. Many of these services offer video, phone, or text sessions so that you can communicate with the doctor without having to leave your home.

Many of these platforms operate on a subscription basis, with monthly or weekly payments covering visits and medication refills.

General Practitioners

As a general practitioner, you help patients of all ages with their primary medical care. Your responsibilities include performing physical exams and reviewing a patient’s medical history, ordering tests, prescribing medications and connecting patients with specialists for further treatment.

You also work as part of a larger team to promote, prevent and offer treatment for chronic diseases and long-term conditions. You may help patients with prescription maintenance, as well as providing guidance on lifestyle changes and disease prevention.

To become a general practitioner, you typically complete an undergraduate program and then a four-year medical school. During your studies, you take courses in anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry, medical law and ethics, and more. In addition, you must pass the medical licensing exam and complete a residency program. Some general practitioners choose to be board certified, which requires additional training and examination. Certification is available from the American Board of Family Medicine or the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Family Physicians

Family physicians are trained to care for people of all ages, including newborns and seniors. They treat colds, help manage chronic illnesses and may provide obstetrics and gynecology care (OB/GYN).

After finishing medical school, doctors go through a three-year residency program in their future specialization. During this time, they get practical medical experience by working in a hospital under the supervision of senior doctors in their specialty.

Doctors also attend conferences and seminars, work with medical students, and complete continuing education requirements to maintain their license. After graduating, they take a national licensing exam.

Family physicians provide a wide range of acute and chronic care services, including routine checkups, health screenings, and counseling on lifestyle changes that can prevent disease. They also refer patients to specialists when necessary.


For certain health concerns that aren’t emergencies, online doctors can be a great option. However, they should never be used to replace routine visits with your doctor or pediatrician.

Using technology to provide medical care over the internet, is becoming more common for people all over the world. It can help people who live in rural areas or who are in an urban center but have difficulty getting to a hospital for care.

It can also be less expensive than a visit to an emergency room and often covers patients’ insurance.


Some online doctors provide video consultations, while others use phone or text chat. This type of consultation is a good option for parents who want to communicate with their child’s physician but aren’t able to get to the doctor’s office or have the time.