Why wander off into the distance? To try your luck at blackjack, poker or roulette, you don’t always have to go to gambling capitals like Las Vegas or Reno. Europe also offers glamorous casino strongholds that can easily keep up with the US gambling temples, or even surpass them in style and elegance. Here are some of Europe’s most beautiful and interesting casinos that are guaranteed to be worth a visit while you’re spending your vacation nearby. However, you should plan a certain amount of money for gambling, otherwise the casino visit is quite boring.


Monte Carlo – gambling paradise with illustrious guests

In addition to the beautiful beaches, a fashionable shopping mile and exclusive cafes and restaurants, Monte Carlo attracts a princely-elegant casino, where you can quickly improve your travel funds a little. Here the rich and the beautiful meet for a glass of champagne at the roulette table or pass the time with a round of poker. Those who try their luck here in the chic principality of Monaco usually do so for the sheer joy of the thrill. The noble casino in Monte Carlo was founded as early as 1854 and has been visited by many illustrious guests, actors and celebrities from all over the world. It is not for nothing that it is one of the oldest and most popular casinos in Europe. If you are over 18 years old and come in evening dress and jacket, you will experience a lot of fun, varied games and cultivated entertainment here.

Baden-Baden – Because luck is so close by

The Baden-Baden casino is considered one of the most beautiful casinos in Germany. The charming spa town owes its popularity not least to the Russian Tsarina Elisabeth, who enjoyed a long convalescent stay here. Her desire for diversion and cultivated entertainment was the cornerstone for the worldwide success of the exclusive casino. At the time, actress Marlene Dietrich even called it “the most beautiful gambling place on the entire planet.” Surely also a reason to try your luck here once during your stay in Baden-Baden.

Casino Biarritz – Poker at the Playa Grande

The pretty resort in the southwest of France is considered a very popular vacation destination not least because of its picturesque beach, the expansive Playa Grande. Just a stone’s throw from the beach is the luxurious casino, architecturally reminiscent of an ancient temple. In addition to the classic games of chance, guests are also offered events worth seeing. Fashion shows, contests, and exquisite culinary specialties round out the casino’s exclusive offerings.

Amsterdam – The casino between the canals

Casino Amsterdam, right in the heart of the Dutch capital, is not only the most beautiful casino in our neighboring country, but is also considered one of the most popular casinos in Europe. So, when staying in the city of canals, it is worth visiting, because the casino is not far from the tourist attractions of the colorful and lively city. Compared to other casinos of this caliber, the dress code in Amsterdam is not so strictly regulated. So you can play here quite casually and confidently without an evening dress or jacket. Too transparent clothing or baggy sweatpants are, however, also a no-go here. The entrance fee of only 5 euros is also well below the European average.

Vienna – Roulette and imperial flair

If a casino can be described as majestic, it is certainly the Vienna casino. It is mainly housed in an old palace building in the city center of the Danube metropolis. Not far from the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Vienna State Opera, you can try your luck at the gaming table or at the one-armed bandit in a dignified atmosphere. The entrance fee is a hefty 23 euros, but you get 26 euros worth of chips. A visit to the casino requires elegant clothing, but you can also borrow jackets at the reception.