Wigs for Your Face Shape: A Guide

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing the wig you want, including the type of cap, whether you like human or synthetic hair and the colour you like most. Like wigs come in many different shapes and dimensions, so do faces. Each person has a unique facial appearance, determined mainly by bone structure.

If you are looking for a stunning hairstyle, it is essential first to identify your face’s shape. Although everyone has a unique face form, there are six general categories into which your face will fit.

The shapes are oval and round, square diamond or heart and oblong. Certain hairstyles suit different face shapes.

How to choose a wig that complements your unique face shape

The first step in determining the facial shape is to ensure your hair’s natural curls are removed from your face. You could look in the mirror or at a photo of yourself in which you stare straight into the camera.

When you look into a mirror, you could use soap bars or cream or something else you can wash away in the future. Outline your face and observe what shape your face is.

Alternatively, the best fashion you can use an eraser and outline the face onto an image. This will clearly indicate the form of your face, and then you can examine it against the forms below.

If you’re looking for the right wig to compliment your face, Black women’s wigs wholesale choices offer a variety of options. Understanding the shape of your face is crucial when choosing the wig that complements your face’s natural beauty and accentuates your individual beauty.

Round face shape

Faces with round shapes typically have less or no angular structures and larger cheeks that enlarge the face.

The most suitable wigs for a round face are those with many layers or waves with volume. Consider an extended shoulder length or a longer style, as the wig’s layers can provide structure and texture to your soft jawline. The styles to avoid include pixie cuts, shorter bobs or inward-facing hairstyles.

Diamond Face Shape

When sporting a diamond-shaped face, your chin and hairline will be narrower due to the more prominent cheekbones. Bob’s styles and shorter hair work perfectly with this facial shape.

If you want longer hair, go for bangs with side-parted edges or long to medium layers. You can select between straight and Wavy hair when styling your long hair.

Oval Face Shape

Oval faces typically have an elongated jaw, which is more comprehensive than cheekbones. This shape of the face is popular among women, and the facial aspects are proportional to each other.

If you have an oval-shaped face can wear a wide range of appearances. Therefore, they can go for virtually any hairstyle in length or cut. You can pick between curly, short, long as well as straight. The only thing you need to be cautious about is large or long bangs. The bangs of these types could cause your face to look smaller.

If you’re looking for the right wig to match your facial shape, suppliers wholesale options provide a vast choice of styles to pick from. Knowing the shape of your face is vital when selecting the wig that best complements the natural beauty of your face and highlights your attractiveness. If you are an oval or round, square or heart-shaped face, wholesale suppliers offer an array of wigs tailored to your particular requirements.

The shape of the face, square

Faces with a square shape are more likely to possess a more prominent and more pronounced chin and a forehead. In most cases, the jawline and forehead are both the same size.

Since a square-shaped face has an angular jawline, It is recommended to steer clear of long lengths that extend to the chin. However, a look with a tapered bang and long hair can reduce the appearance of a square face.